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Fuel Delivery 

Fuel Delivery: Have you ever gotten caught up in the moment and simply forgot to refuel?. We can deliver up to 3 - 5  gallons of fuel to your location to get you back on the road again.Our fuel delivery services are provided to assist motorists who have run out of fuel while driving or have parked their vehicles without enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station. It is a convenient service that helps drivers get back on the road without the need to walk to a gas station.

Here's how fuel delivery services typically work:

  •                         Contact American RTS: When you realize that your vehicle has run out of fuel or is too low to continue driving, call us for a fast and reliable delivery of fuel. 

  •                         Provide location and vehicle details: When you call for assistance, provide American RTS with your exact location, including the address or any nearby landmarks. Also, provide the make and model of your vehicle to ensure the correct type of fuel is delivered.

  •                         Confirm fuel type and quantity: The service provider will ask you to specify the type of fuel your vehicle requires (e.g., gasoline, diesel) and the amount of fuel you need. They will then dispatch a driver with the appropriate fuel to your location.

  •                         Await the fuel delivery: American RTS will arrive at your location with a supply of fuel. They may carry fuel in containers or have specialized fuel delivery vehicles equipped with fuel tanks.

  •                         Receive the fuel: Once the driver arrives, they will fill your vehicle's fuel tank with the requested amount of fuel.

It's essential to remember that fuel delivery services are for emergency situations, and it's always best to ensure your vehicle has enough fuel before embarking on a journey. Running out of fuel can leave you stranded and cause inconvenience to other road users.

To avoid running out of fuel, consider the following tips:

  •                         Monitor fuel levels: Pay attention to your vehicle's fuel gauge and refuel when it approaches a quarter tank.

  •                         Plan ahead: When traveling long distances, plan your route and identify gas stations along the way. Fill up the tank whenever you have the opportunity.

  •                         Carry extra fuel: If you're traveling to remote areas, consider carrying a small container of extra fuel as a precaution.

Remember to exercise caution when dealing with fuel. If you find yourself in a situation where you've run out of fuel, pull over to a safe location, turn on your hazard lights, and contact American RTS for help.

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