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Flatbed Towing for Luxury and Classic Cars

Updated: Feb 16

Transporting vehicles, especially luxury or classic cars, requires a level of care and protection that goes beyond traditional towing methods. American Roadside & Towing Services (American RTS) understands the unique needs of these precious vehicles, and that's why we offer flatbed towing services, a solution that ensures safe and secure transport.

Luxury cars, classic automobiles, and even high-end sports cars have specific requirements when it comes to towing. Their design, value, and often low ground clearance demand extra care during transport. The last thing you want is for your prized possession to be exposed to potential damage during the towing process.

That's where our flatbed towing services come into play. Flatbed tow trucks provide a level, stable platform for your vehicle to rest on during transport. With no part of your car in contact with the road, the risk of damage from bumps, debris, or uneven terrain is significantly reduced. This method of towing is widely recognized as one of the safest ways to transport vehicles, and it's particularly suited for luxury and classic cars.

Imagine you've just acquired a vintage classic car, and you need to transport it from one location to another, whether it's for maintenance, restoration, or to show it off at an event. Trusting your prized possession to just any towing service is a risk you don't want to take. Our flatbed towing services ensure that your vehicle is secured in place, preventing any movement during transport.

American RTS is not just a towing service; we're vehicle enthusiasts who understand the value of your luxury or classic car. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of handling these precious vehicles and ensuring they reach their destination in pristine condition. When you choose us for flatbed towing, you're choosing a partner that shares your passion for these special automobiles and is dedicated to their safe transport.

Moreover, our flatbed tow trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to secure your vehicle firmly in place, preventing any shifting or potential damage during transport. We take every precaution to ensure that your luxury or classic car arrives at its destination as beautiful and valuable as when it left.

At American RTS, we're here to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your luxury or classic car is in safe hands during transport. Whether it's a vintage classic, a sleek sports car, or a high-end luxury vehicle, trust us for flatbed towing services that go beyond ordinary towing, ensuring the protection your prized possessions deserve.

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