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Fleet and Equipment Maintenance

Updated: Feb 16

In the towing business, reliability and safety are paramount. That's why American Roadside & Towing Services (American RTS) places a strong emphasis on regular maintenance and upgrades of our towing fleet and equipment. We understand that to provide top-notch service, our vehicles and equipment must be in top-notch condition.

Our commitment to maintaining and upgrading our fleet is rooted in our dedication to customer satisfaction. We know that when you call for towing assistance, you expect prompt and efficient service. Our well-maintained fleet ensures that our vehicles are ready to roll at a moment's notice.

Imagine you're a commuter in New Braunfels, and your car breaks down on the way to work. You call for a tow truck, and you want assurance that the towing service will arrive promptly and handle your vehicle safely. This is where our well-maintained fleet comes into play.

But it's not just about reliability; it's also about safety. Our team of professionals regularly inspects our towing vehicles and equipment to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards. We understand that towing often involves assisting vehicles in compromised conditions, and safety is non-negotiable.

Additionally, we invest in the latest towing technology and equipment upgrades to stay at the forefront of the industry. New advancements in towing technology not only enhance safety but also allow us to provide even more efficient and effective service.

Moreover, our commitment to eco-friendliness extends to our fleet and equipment maintenance. We practice responsible disposal of materials and fluids, ensuring that our operations have minimal impact on the environment.

When you choose American RTS for towing services, you're not just choosing a towing company; you're selecting a partner that places safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility at the core of its operations. We're here to ensure that when you need towing assistance, you're met with a team and equipment that are not only reliable but also committed to the highest standards of quality and safety.

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